Kyle Richards’ adorable daughter Portia is on Twitter

RHOBH Kyle Richards and her adorable daughter Portia

It looks like us adults aren’t the only ones getting geared up for Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle Richards’ adorable daughter Portia now has her own Twitter site and she’s already confirming important life truths like diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Her mommy and RHOBH cast member Kyle Richards has started the Twitter page stating that, “per many requests, Portia is on Twitter… Portia Umansky dictates to me. These are not my words… 🙂 .

As of this post here is what Kyle’s little princess has dictated to the social media world:

All of this is really just an excuse to post that super cute photo of Portia that {ahem} she’s using as her Twitter image. Funny thing is, she’s better at it than mommy because Kyle’s current Twitter thumbnail has the top of her head cut off which she acknowledges she needs to correct. Portia is Kyle’s third daughter with her handsome husband Mauricio Umansky.

Kyle Richard's daughter Portia

Figured I’d squeeze in a little Beverly Hills cuteness before the September 5th premiere of RHOBH because if the trailer and clips are any indication it should be drama and more drama (just the way we like it).

Photos -> Kyle: FayesVision/ Portia: Twitter

  • Diane

    That’s just weird on the parent’s part to make a page for their toddler. They must have a lot of time on their hands. This is right up there who make pages for their pets…it’s just odd.

  • REALLY!!!!!!! I am finding it hard to understand the logic or the cuteness of this..

  • Dr. Estella Sneider

    Not necessarily Diane and Piper, it can also mean that Kyle respects her daughters comments. Portia is modeling after her mother who keeps in touch with her fans by tweeting. Portia who also has fans of her own wants to tweet. Nothing wrong with reinforcing a child’s freedom of expression! We call it cute since it is a very smart 3 year old who is asking ” Mommy, tweet my comment”
    Dr. Estella Sneider, Ph.D ( Portia’s Grandmother )

  • Vanessa

    Gary made A twitter page for Leah too I’am starting to think this is becoming some sort of tread where reality stars who have kids make pages for them .

  • The little girl is cute. But I got confused the mom looks identical to Demi Moore except Demi is unhealthy looking and needs alot of help.