PHOTO Teen Mom Farrah Abraham and her new boyfriend on the beach in Miami?

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham with her rumored new boyfriend and daughter Sophia in Miami

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham was photographed recently in her new home state of Florida frolicking on the beaches of Miami with her daughter Sophia… and an unknown handsome dude!

UPDATE – The “unknown handsome dude” above is “just a friend” named Mo Salama (CLICK HERE for more info on Mo). Farrah has since revealed her new boyfriend is actually Daniel Alvarze! CLICK HERE for photos and background info on Daniel and HERE for pictures of Daniel with Farrah and her daughter Sophia playing at a park in Miami!

The photographer referred to the shirtless young man as Farrah’s boyfriend and stated, “The couple seemed happy as they played with Farrah’s daughter, Sophia in the sea.”

Let’s take a closer look at this potential new Mr. Abraham shall we?

Unknown man spotted with Teen Mom Farrah Abraham in Miami, reportedly her new boyfriend
^ Farrah Abraham’s rumored new boyfriend – as yet unidentified

A lot of people talk about things they want to do and goals they want to accomplish, but Farrah Abraham is getting them done! She wanted to pursue a modeling career and has since had a number of modeling jobs (with both of her brand new career boosters). She wanted to go to culinary school so she packed up and relocated to Florida (with her daughter) to attend The International Culinary School at The Arts Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

She’s even managed to accomplish a couple things that may not have been on her list like getting a role in the upcoming Charlie’s Angels television reboot and… shark fishing?

And now, could it be that “Find a new man” can be checked off of Farrah’s to do list?!? It certainly appears this may be the case! And although I am a card-carrying member of Straight Men Unanonymous, I have to say her man is pretty easy on the eyes! He sort of reminds me of Maci’s ex Ryan Edwards (same build and hair) minus the blank-staring smugness.

To be honest, I’m surprised some of the other single ladies of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 haven’t done the same thing, which is move to a bigger city where there are a lot more options both as far as employment and eligible men. You girls are big time! There’s no reason you should be dating some dude you ran into at Wal-Mart, down at the local diner or at the mud track! (Which isn’t to say you can’t meet good guys in those places, only that it’s better to have more options.) I’m just sayin!

Oh, I almost forgot to be superficial and shallow by stating the obvious: Farrah’s looking great in that bikini! (Even if you don’t agree with her decision to get a boob job, you have to concede Farrah certainly didn’t go overboard and wind up looking completely disproportionate.)

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham in a bikini with her daughter Sophia on the beaches of Miami

And Sophia somehow manages to just keep getting cuter! Speaking of Sophia, that little girl deserves the “best behaved” award for her numerous appearances so far this season! Even when she’s emptying toilet paper rolls onto the floor she’s doing it calmly and quietly. Amazing!

UPDATE (7/25/11) – We think we may have an identity for Farrah’s mystery man! Mohamed “Mo” Salama, a collegiate soccer player from Farrah’s hometown in Iowa. CLICK HERE to find out more!

UPDATE 2 (7/25/11) – According to MTV’s Remote Control Blog Mo is “just a friend from Omaha who paid the pretty pair a visit last week.” BUT, they go on to say, “Farrah IS indeed hanging out with someone special. You’re just gonna have to wait a little longer to see what he looks like. We know, life is cruel sometimes.” So we have a new challenge! Who in the world is Farrah Abraham dating?!?

Photos: Butterworth/Splash News

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  • kristina

    kinda looks like the guy that farrah’s mom set her up with…her hairdresser’s son?

  • nunya

    Out of the teen moms to get boyfriends…I totally 100% approve of this one. She didn’t jump right into looking for another boyfriend… she stuck to her guns….going to school, doing modeling, AND going to counseling!!! Single mother take note, this is how it’s done.. not jumping into the arms of the first guy you see!!!

  • stef

    I am so glad farrah didn’t go overboard with the implants like most other stars do (cough heidi montag-if you even call her a star.) It fits her perfectly and she looks great! Also you’re right, sophia is the cutest baby ever and is really well behaved from what I see on t.v.

  • tab

    i think it would be good for farrah to have someone to love. she seems lonely and needs someone to just love her for her.


    This bitch Farrah thinks she knows everything and her mom is trying to help her with the court. Farrah is telling her mom that Sophia’s grandmother is a little things well guess what Farrah you are a little girl who is starting to live your life and you still need to learn and live a many things. Maybe she does not have anyone in her life or friends b/c her freaking attitude. She thinks she is a princess. F…u I am sure she cannot survive a a chef. She needs to get a life.

  • Shanae

    he looks like farrah’s ex boyfriend derrick underwood (sophias father)…

    guess thats her type

  • Hunglow

    Haha I know this guy!

  • bigboiii

    thats mo salama they dated for a yr but he broke up with cuz she is a b!tch…he is on facebook

  • MrsRivera

    not a big fan of hers due to her attitude however she looks amazing with adorable daughter.

  • erik

    She is so disrespectful to her mom. I can’t stand seeing how she talks to others.

  • source

    a blog had reported her bf to be daniel alvarez- a nightlife promoter or something like that for Mybarheaven

  • Hunglow

    Well this guy is my friend and he’s done with her his name is Mo

  • Kay Star

    Who cares? She needs to pull her bottoms up!