PHOTOS BIO Allison “Allie” Mendoza from 16 and Pregnant Season 3 finale

Allie Mendoz from 16 and Pregnant with her son Aydenn

MTV doesn’t pull any punches (literally) when it comes to kicking off and wrapping up their reality series 16 and Pregnant! Last season we had Teen Mom 2 star (and infamous s**t stirrer) Jenelle Evans lead things off with Ashley Salazar concluding the season in an emotional two-hour episode featuring her struggle to give daughter Callie up for adoption.

MTV kind of flip-flopped that formula this season by starting off with the feel-good story of Jordan Ward in the premiere (which was immediately followed by Jennifer del Rio’s explosive episode that saw her baby daddy Josh arrested!) and now concludes with what looks to be the most dramatic and explosive episode of Season 3: Allie.

16 and Pregnant's Allie Mendoza celebrates her 16th birthday
^ Allie Mendoza on her 16th birthday prior to getting pregnant

In case you haven’t seen it yet, MTV released an extended preview clip of Allie’s finale episode featuring her baby daddy Joey Aranzeta and his mother Yolanda Aranzeta in which Yolanda erupts in a fit of rage at both Allie and Joey after a seemingly innocent incident involving a banana. (CLICK HERE to watch that clip and read a transcript of the horrifically hateful things Yolanda says.)

So what’s the story? Why is Allie forced to stay with Joey’s mom in the first place? Here’s what I was able to piece together from various sources online:

Allison Lauren Mendoza is from Pasadena, Texas where at the time of the taping of the show she lived with her father (and step-mom?). From every indication Allie’s home life in Texas was an unpleasant one, and I’m sure things only escalated once she revealed she was pregnant.

16 and Pregnant Allie Mendoza and her real mom Lauren Melici
^ Allie and her mom Lauren Melici enjoy some time together

Allie is very close to her real mother, Lauren Melici, but Lauren lives almost 2,000 miles away in New Jersey with her new husband Michael Melici. (I’m not sure what happened when Lauren separated from Allie’s dad that meant she didn’t get custody.) Allie mentions her affection and closeness with her real mom a number of times on her Facebook page, including this Q&A with a fan:

do you have any support from anyone in your family now?

Ive always had support from my mom; Shes just out of state.

The animosity between Lauren and Allie’s father is also apparent on Facebook with comments like these from Lauren:

I have an A-hole Ex that lives in Texas

It really sux when u cry in your closet because someone else is selfish & keeps you from the ones you love. I’m tired of being lied on, blamed for or -uck’d with. A storm is coming for you

More on Lauren in a moment, but for now let’s get back to Allie’s life in Texas…

16 and Pregnant's Allie Mendoza with son Aydenn Anthony Aranzeta
^ Allie Mendoza with her son Aydenn Anthony Aranzeta

Allison Mendoza got pregnant by her boyfriend Joey Aranzeta in the spring of 2010 and the couple gave birth to their son Aydenn Anthony Aranzeta on December 17 of the same year. Judging from the preview clip Allie must have had to move out of her home and in with Joey in a very similar manner to Kailyn Lowry from Season 2. (If you remember, Kailyn also had a dad from Texas who was a little less than desirable to say the least.)

But, not in a similar manner to Kailyn Lowry from Season 2, the baby daddy’s mother, Yolanda, is anything but supportive! Yolanda reveals in the preview clip she has a history of drug abuse and judging from Joey and his younger brother’s unshocked reactions, these types of violent outbursts are nothing new.

So what’s Allie’s status now as far as Joey and Yolanda? Here is how she addresses those questions on Facebook:

FAN: Damn i saw that Unseen moment between you and your in law or what not she is effin crazy!! Hope you guys are getting along better at least for your child but she is psycho i feel for you girl.

ALLIE: We’re not allowed around each other these days but thankyouu πŸ™‚

FAN: Do you an ur babys grandma get along now?

ALLIE: Nope. Never. [and then later in a comment] Its no biggie; Its not like I need her. πŸ™‚ Im fine without her crazy ass.

FAN: Allie your such a strong person. And I have alot of respect for you. Are you still with the father of your son?

ALLIE: Thankyou:) &HELL NO.

Allie Mendoza baby daddy Joey Aranzata and Belen
^ Allie and Joey Aranzeta with a woman named Belen (Joey’s grandmother?)

And of course the split with Joey didn’t go smoothly either. Here’s a tweet from him on April 28:

B!tch thinks she can keep me away from my kid. Think twice b!tch.

Then, on May 11:

This f**ken b!tch needs to shut her lyin ass up.

May 20:

Thinking about my son. I really wish he can be here with me.

On a positive note it appears as though Allie is currently in New Jersey with her mom and step-dad Michael! Though I don’t know how long they are going to be staying they arrived on June 12th, much to the jubilation of her mom, who posted on Facebook, “ALLISON’S HOOOOOMMMMMMEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” And in case you were wondering, Lauren did pay a visit to Allie while MTV was filming so we should get a chance to meet her – and I’m sure see her butt heads with a whole slew of Texans!

16 and Pregnant's Allie Mendoza shows of her son and her Aydenn tattoo
^ Allie Mendoza shows off her son Aydenn and her “Aydenn” wrist tattoo

Allie’s episode looks like it is going to be off the chain as far as the drama goes, so don’t miss it! (The 16 and Pregnant Season 3 finale airs Tuesday,June 21 at 10/9c on MTV.) Judging from all of the ingredients in this post I just can’t imagine we won’t be seeing her as one of the girls chosen for Teen Mom 3!

[Author’s note: As I mentioned near the beginning of this post it was cobbled together from various social media and other web sites so as a result there are some major holes to be filled in, as well as some potential mistakes that may need to be corrected. If you have any information that may add to the post or would like to point out any errors I may have made please feel free to let me know at starcasmtips (at) ]

  • coco

    I was just thinking the other day there has been no girls on the show from my hometown and then there’s Allie. I saw the previews…what a way to represent.

  • J

    I can’t wait to see how her episode plays out. I also am looking forward to seeing her in the reunion special. I feel bad for her BF because I know what it’s like a have a crazy ass mother. It is so hard to deal with! UGH! My mom has no contact with my son, because i just don’t trust her. so I am glad to see staying away from the crazy grandmother.

  • rachel s

    I really think a lot of the end of the show was staged. She was arguing with her bf, they were still together, and she had this huge script tattoo on her wrist. When they broke up, and she was packing her stuff up to leave her boyfriend i noticed she didn’t have the tattoo. Really pissed me off. How is it reality TV?

    • KNL

      I don’t think the tat was real…looked like it was drawn on with a sharpie to me…

    • kayla.

      it wasn’t real, she used to draw them all the time in class… the only tat she has that is real is the star on her tummy.

  • Chastity

    Her tattoo is real. The only ones she has is her sons name and a start next to it. Her episode was a whirlwind last night. One half of the show, Joey’s mom was crazy and saying she needed a fix under her breath, the next she’s clean and everyone’s happy. Joey and Allie broke up for good reason. He needs to get it together for Aydenn if no other reason. And since when are they doing Teen Mom 3? Havent heard anything about it. Please keep updating us Starcasm. No judgements, Just opinions so dont go crazy. Oh and I loved her episode. Good Luck Allie!

    • kayla.

      it is not real..

  • C

    Sounds like you are pretty harsh on Texans. Not all are like those. Completely not representational of everyone…just like not every 16 year old kid is irresponsible enough to get pregnant before they are truly ready.

  • lalo

    allie your so pretty i kinda feel sorry for joey bt=ut he kinda deserved cause he wasnt helping you at alll he was not a good father good thing u left him πŸ™‚

  • Chastity

    Sorry if my comment before sounded like I was rude or a know it all about Allie. I noticed the same thing with her tattoo. Slowly, it disappered and at the end-POOF! GONE!

  • ariana

    she looks like jasmine villegas but anyway allie is strong for putting up with the father’s mom. i like her the best out of this season. πŸ™‚

  • Warren

    Hay Allie, Hope you and your baby are doing good, and safe. Just stay positive about everything will work out. sorry bout joey and his mother trippin on you, but you just keep strong.

  • yasmin

    Hey alli i wanted to know are you on fb ?

  • cd

    hi allie, just wanted to know that u r a strong person…for being young…just keep the faith girl…n joey i like him too..i just think he needs to grow up a little more..dont let that bitch of yolanda get in ur way,,give joey time to know his baby too…i really think the both of u were so cute on the episodes…u know u both touch my heart i really cried when i saw joey cryin for u even still if i c the show it makes me cry….good luck on ur future..

  • Lacy

    What about Allie’s mom? she represented like a drug addict all twitchy and shit. I mean how ridiculous could that wench be. She didn’t even get there for the birth. She sends her $20 and pretends that she’s there for her. What a joke… Rumor has it that she is living with her mom now in NJ which is funny considering she didn’t want her to come up there initially. What no one mentions is that Lauren has two other children that she has no relationship with either. Clearly she was shamed into taking Allie in due to the national spotlight. I hope she burns up under it. It’s easy to be a shiffless loser in private, but when it becomes national news, it’s harder to get away with.

  • you go out with the boy

  • jessica

    Hey allie I’m sorry what your going threw but don’t worry you did a very good job keep you head up and brush them crazy haters off



  • tiara lee

    OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDD u are so young gurl but i saw ur son are cutEEEEEEEEEEE but i know u hard ur life but u need job what need for ur son!!!

  • Juneykwa Bright

    Omg…I think that u is very smart although Joey was young he still could have helped do something!

  • i really want to know what happend with allison & joey like did they get back together ? && by the way the baby is so cute (; <3

  • b4goodnowplez

    his family seemed really ignorant and ghetto, low expectations, drug abuse and domestic abuse. the grandmother seemed witchy to me. allie’s mother seemed normal. please take your baby there with what seems higher class, normal people.

  • katie yeager

    what your birthday ok allison mendoza

  • omari

    Allie why don’t you want to get back together. With Joey when I watch 16in pregnant. I was crying like I’m so sad . but Why won’t you get back together?