Are Teen Mom’s Catelynn and Tyler living together? What are their career plans?

Thanks to Teen Mom’s Catelyn Lowell’s Facebook page, we have some updates about Catelynn and Tyler, who recently graduated from high school.

Tyler was completing college credits simultaneously with his high school work, and both he and Catelynn will enroll at Baker College in Michigan. Catelynn plans to be an elementary school teacher, and Tyler wants to be a child psychologist. He no longer plans to join the military.

The lovebirds still plan to get married, but not until after college. They refused to say whether or not they are currently living together (presumably so as not to spoil a major plot point for Season 3 of Teen Mom, airing Jul 5,) but mounting evidence suggests that they are, indeed, cohabiting.

Catelynn and her mom April, who were seen having a stormy relationship on Teen Mom, are reportedly back on good terms, and “back to becoming BFFs.” Butch is also reportedly out of rehab. Right now only Catelynn and Tyler have rights to see their daughter Carly, but that could change in the near future. Will there be a future emotional meeting between April, Butch and Carly?

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  • tab

    yup, they’re living together. i adore catelynn and tyler.

    • dawn

      take them off the show what they are doing now after they gave up their baby ,has nothing to do with being a teen mom, you have to be rasing your kid to be a teen mom ,just because you gave birth , then gave your kid awy does not make you a mom ,they gave up all rights ,they are a joke ,not thinking abot te hurt they put on the grandparents . catelynn is not in any way a mom and tyler is not in any way a dad .

      • Wesley

        Dawn, You are a complete dolt. The point of the show is to show the consequences, good and bad, of teen pregnancy, not necessarily being a teen “mom.” Catelynn and Tyler chose a path that many teen parents might choose, and we get to see the consequences of this action [adoption] by watching these two kids [and their parents] deal with the results of their decision. They are the most interesting and mature couple on the show, hands down.

        • Jessica

          Well said Wesley. I am always so surprised when people are against them being on the show! They made such a wonderful decision for there daughter. I hope teens are inspired by Catelynn and Tyler and do not share the same ignorance as Dawn.

      • kk

        Wow dawn! How dare you! They are the most stable of all the couple because of chosing adoption.. They gave their daughter a better life and in return its great for ppl to see the path they chose versus the others who kept their kids. And they are both a mother and father- who gave their daughter the greatest gift any parent could wish for, for their child to have a wonderful life!

      • Mestacy09

        Obviously you are NOT a mother Dawn because they have every right to be on this show! It took them being parents to be able to let go of their baby, so she would have a better life! They didn’t give her up so they could go on to party and keep making the same mistakes! They gave her a better life because they knew they couldn’t do it! If more teen parents could be this unselfish like Caitlyn and Tyler, there wouldn’t be nearly the problems there are today! Aside from Tyler’s mom, they had no support and it was certainly no place to bring Carly! You are an absolute IDIOT!! They were more responsible and mature than 90% of the “teen mom’s” and I admire them! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK CAITLYN AND TYLER! MAKE CARLEY PROUD OF YOU!

      • Ang

        Wow “Dawn”–Your statement is completely ignorant. So much so that all I can do is laugh…

        Go get an education…PLEASE!!!

      • Brenny

        Zip it, Dawn. You have no idea what you are talking about and for those who were given up for adoption, your comments are beyond insulting. Who cares if the grandparents were “heartbroken”. Their actions and how they raised Catelyn (and Tyler) had a direct impact on why Cate and Ty decided to give their child up for adoption. These two kids did it right and in the end, made the best of a very tragic situation.

      • vonnie

        That was a little harsh. Carly is with a good family instead of April (a drunk and verbally abusive to her own child) and Butch (crack head). So you’re saying that these two teenagers with no real income and bad home lives should have kept the child and raise her to repeat the same cycle instead of live with a capable and stable family of ADULTS? God bless your offspring if you have any…hopefully not.

      • Alli

        Are you kidding me dawn, you have no idea what you are talking about they did the most selfless act they could ahve done to be selfish and keep the baby in the situation that they were in would have been selfish. They ARE parents because for them to take that step to sit there and know that they cant give thier baby the life that they want to give her and let someone else have the opertuity that CANT have kids have thiers to give her a better life that makes a good mother. I am doing the same with my son & I am older then them so honestly you are a joke for you to say any of that.

      • http://Teenmom Connie

        Just because you give up your child does not mean your not the mother!!!! You will always love him or her and be there for them regardless whenever they need you!!! Dawn you are no good for judging people like that. Everyone has to do what thy feel is right and if in the end it is a mistake then wow they learn from it!! Never judge like that! They are still good people that care about their baby even if they do not live with her!!! Stop being such a bully arrogant slob!!

  • wow

    aaawww i love them they have true love for each other

    • Sydnie

      i agree with wow catelynn and Tyler are cute together they need to stay together i love them i think they are the most interesting people on teen mom i always look forward to watching them

  • Piper

    I adore the two of them.. I hope and wish the best for them.. They will make Carly very proud to have birth parents that did the right thing and proceed to better themselves …..

  • Jess

    Hey I went to Baker College in Michigan! which Baker college in Michigan are they going to

  • Britt

    I agree with you Piper! Great people. Much love.

  • Mom in Ontario Canada

    I am a mother of a teenage girl (she doesn’t have any babies yet, thank goodness)and her & I have become big fans of the show Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant. Catelynn & Tyler instantly became faves of my daughter & I….what strength they both have. I am so proud to hear they are doing well and pursuing active futures. It seems that even long after their daughters birth, they are still doing their very best that they can for HER. Kudos to them both!!!! Keep up the good work.

  • Karin

    I was watching the show tonight and it hit me…Catelynn should be an adoption councelor! She has such passion for it! She could help so many girls going thru this hard decision! PS I LOVE Tyler and Catelynn! What an AWESOME couple!

  • http://hotmail brittany

    dear catelynn and tyler.., well i just want to say that yu and tyler are my inspiration.. me n my boyfriend are going thru the samn situation. but i just want him to propose…. i love him to death, and yall inspire me.. and catelynn the way yu stood up for yurself loved it!!!!!! i love yall

  • Jess

    I love catelynn and tyler. they have the best personalities. they have great communication. They are mature and are on the path to a successful and productive fture. they are adorable and i love them together. i wish them nothing but the best.

  • Joey

    Lmao. I know Tyler personally. That kid just drives around blazin’ all day. Ahaha career plans? That kid aint going no where. He does heroin too – rofl.

    • Leslie

      Joey are u bullshittn me??? Not little Tyler….tell me different!!! They seem to have it all together. If my dad acted like that I wuld be doing heroin too!

  • nessa

    i really like this couple i think adoption is always really sad but if they couldnt afford to raise carly then i totally understand and nobody has the right to judge them i had my daughter when i was 20 its hard raising a child me and my partner just had to put up with the struggles and try to give her the best we can i recently had my second child and and had people telling me “why another one blah blah” yes its hard but if i was able to make babies then ill be able to raise them too wven if i were young we gotta learn how to deal and fix our mistakes thats why i admire catelyn and tyler cuz no matter how much people judge their ecision they still stand tall and continue to move on in life they seem happy all the time god bless them and all you xoxo

  • Iloverabbits

    I think abortion is a great and responsible choice too. It’s not the easiest thing in the world or the greatest thing but it is an option too many teens overlook. 1/3 females in the US have an abortion during their lifetime. Preventing pregnancy is the most important thing but abortion is a terrific option. Adoption is certainly not perfect. There are so many children who are available for adoption but never get adopted. How horrible to live your whole life not having a family…the fetus doesn’t even have a brainstem for at least 5 months. Do not think of a fetus as a baby in that first trimester. It can become a baby if you’re irresponsible enough to let it. Know all your options.

  • Doris

    i admire catelynn and tyler for making the choice they did to give carly up for adoption no matter what they are still parents it is an open one so they are in some way still apart of her life. they did the best thing for their child so people need to stop putting them down they are a cute couple and they do belong on the show

  • Nattiechick

    Lloverabbits: you need to get your facts right, a fetes is fully formed by 12 weeks and just needs to grow and make adaptations toward external life! The brainstem is formed very very early in the process, At 7 weeks! months before said 5 month point!

  • Jayjay

    I don’t like cateyln she seems as if she never cared about karly . I feel like her choosing adoption was selfish . She went to porm and everything . I would have been depressed if I was her . All she really ares about honestly is Tyler and him not leaving her . Hee is cute and she’s just plain ugly