Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry launches new website KailynLowry.com

Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry launches web site KailynLowry.com

Kailyn Lowry once again shows that she’s got the desire and the initiative to try to capitalize on the exposure she has gotten from being one of the stars of MTV’s popular reality series Teen Mom 2 – this time by officially launching her own web site, KailynLowry.com! Here’s how she let her fans on Facebook know about the site:

Sorry that it’s not marriage or relationship news, & definitely not baby news (I have an IUD!) BUT I am starting public speaking & have a lot of big things in the works, SO because of all of the things coming up I thought you all might enjoy a website to keep up! There’s a chat at the bottom for members where I’ll be talking to fans often! I hope you love it, I’m so EXCITED!!!!

The announcement, which had been touted all week by Kaliyn on Facebook and Twiiter, comes on the heels of her and (former?) boyfriend Jordan Wenner starting their own online Amway shop selling household products that are safe for children among other things. Oh, and did I mention she is currently working on a book as well? What’s that? You didn’t know she was working on a book? You should have know – it’s right there on… KailynLowry.com!

She is working with a friend on a book about the story of her life and how you need to make yourself happy before worrying about anyone else. She wants people to know what where you come from does not dictate where you can go.

The site covers all things Kailyn including photos of her and son Isaac, articles about her life and updates on her upcoming speaking tour. It’s Kailynpalooza y’all!

Most all of the Teen Moms maintain an online presence via Facebook and Twitter but I’m sort of surprised not many of f them have “taken it to the next level” with a real web site, which would allow them to better control information, media and “fakes” as well as allowing for them to actually make a little money from it through ads and promotions. AND I think KailynLowry.com looks really nice! It’s rather simple, it has lots of information without being too busy, and it doesn’t appear to have the egregious grammatical mistakes that plagued Farrah Abraham’s site launch. Well done Kailyn!

Starcasm.net officially says congratulations and welcomes its new little sister to the information superhighway! Just let us know if there’s anything we can help you out with Kail and we’ll be happy to oblige 🙂

Here’s a little preview before you hop over and check it out for yourself. (And who knows, people may be looking back at this screen capture five years from now and saying, “WOW! Check out how KailynLowry.com used to look!”)

Screen capture of KailynLowry.com on it's first day of existence June 3, 2011
  • ForReal?

    Kail’s new page opened while she was at. Does this make sense? Some teen stalker mom/wanna be the next perez hilton is behind the scene of this new site. So, if you think you’re chatting with Kail, think again!

    • Cait

      no the site is definitely her..it was announced on her official facebook page last night.

      • Ash

        Stalker of all Teen Mom’s, Heather Clouse made that page. There’s some drama about it on Kail’s Fanpage on Facebook- people hate that girl…

  • Jessica

    If someone else really make the website that is creepy and scary but I would think while the girls are not filming they would like a break with the media and fans. And they would like their life to be normal for while like Catelynn and Tyler did no one heard any news about them for a year. All you heard about was Maci,Farrah and Amber I think that all the girls should stop with the twitter,fan pages and other social sites. And take a break live their life with as much privacy as possible while MTV,media and fans are not watching. And try to be normal for while

  • CJ

    Ok so once again someone is using their pregnancy for fame. Why doesnt MTV see this will be the demise of their show b/c it just proves the point of parents and organizations who say girls will get pregnant for fame!! And shes writing a book?!? No someone else is writing it for her but b/c shes Kailyn Lowry Teen Mom it will get published. What good advice could she possibly have for teens???

  • mishleaka

    UHG.. go away! ur not that special because you got knocked up at 16/17 yrs old.. ur the worst of the bunch.. her whole book and wesite is going to be her talkin about how hard that she works 2 jobs and supports her son.. THATS IT.. old news.. and u aint the only one honey..

  • Vanessa

    It’s sad that the teen mom are just famous for being pregnant and nothing more they have no talent what so ever and newflash the teen mom are not the only people in the world who works two jobs to put food on the tablet the only different between the teen mom and other people is that the teen moms get a extra paycheck and they don’t struggle as much .

  • anti gagglemaggot

    yeah kail is a part of it but psycho stalker teen mom talk runner and liar extraordinaire runs it, the same bish who deleted kails fan page and has made three fake ones in two days.

  • born2cthruyou

    Yep. I can vouch for the other’s comments by saying that “heather clouse” is a crazy teen mom stalker, who continually tweets hate messages to fans (or non-fans) and acts like she’s all the “teen moms” BFF. The girl is crazy. She’s annoying. She lies in her “articles” that she writes. She is only “famous” in her own head, to everyone else she is merely a nuisance.