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Izabella Tovar from 16 and Pregnant with son Enrique Jairo

On this week’s episode of 16 and Pregnant the MTV cameras take us to Utah to meet 16-year-old Izabella Tovar, her son Enrique Jairo and her baby’s father Jairo Rodriguez. As we try to do every week with the 16 and Pregnant gals, we’ve put together a little pre-show primer with photos and background info to help you get familiar with Izabella prior to the premiere of her episode at 10/9c tonight on MTV.

A resident of Utah all her life, Izabella was born to a Mexican father and 1/2 Danish, 1/2 Caucasian mother with similarly bright blue eyes. Izabella found out she was pregnant when she was just fifteen, making her one of the youngest girls to ever appear on the reality series. The exact date she found out was January 23, 2010 – Izabella was a sophomore at the time.

16 and Pregnant's Izabella Tovar goes to prom in 2010 18 weeks pregnant
^ Izabella Tovar attends prom with Jairo in 2010 (18 weeks pregnant!)

Though many associate Utah with the Mormon faith, Izabella is Catholic and attends the private Juan Diego Catholic High School in Draper, Utah. Needless to say, she was worried what her friends and teachers would say if they found out she was expecting so she attempted to hide her pregnancy, which she was successful at until she was seven months along! She talked about her successful stealthiness on Facebook:

Hi! Just so everyone knows, I was very lucky to not show at all until I was about seven months pregnant 🙂 Also, you can look through pictures I have posted in my photos that say how far along I am, and see that you can’t tell that I was pregnant. People at my school did not know that I was pregnant at all during the school year. So, if they say they did, it’s just because they are mad at themselves for not figuring it out! 🙂 I also made it a point to not touch my belly at all until I was very far along because I was hiding it from everyone and I didn’t want them …to find out! I also did not wear baggy clothing. In fact, I was on my school’s drill team while I was pregnant, and they didn’t know. I even competed while pregnant, and wore our tight costumes. Then, I tried out for the team again when I was four and a half months pregnant, and I made the team 🙂 (They still didn’t know that I was pregnant!)

Here’s a photo of Izabella after making the drill team at 4 1/2 months – she is the girl in black kneeling with green tiger stripe shorts:

Juan Diego Catholic High School drill team with Izabella Tovar from 16 and Pregnant

But, you can’t keep a pregnancy secret forever! In this preview clip of her episode Izabella reveals her secret to her best friend Cassidy:

Eventually her friends and school administrators did find out and Izabella was surprised by the support she received from her school. Their Catholic affiliation meant they were pro-life and they wanted to support Izabella’s decision to keep the baby and were accommodating in doing what they could to keep her in school and make her feel comfortable.

Little Enrique Jairo (pronounced Hi-row) was born in September and weighed 6lbs. 12 oz. He was named after Izabella’s grandmother’s brother Enrique and obviously his father, Jairo.

Speaking of Enrique’s dad Jairo, I suppose I should provide a little 411 on him as well! Jairo is and of Mexican descent and is fluent in Spanish. He and Izabella met at the dinner during their school’s Homecoming Dance dinner. They’ve been together now for two years, which is also the difference in their age. (Jairo is currently 18.) Jairo works in a Walgreen’s photo lab and is a big admirer of luxury cars. Those two things don’t seem to be compatible, but judging from photos on Facebook he’s got a pretty sweet ride! And here it is, if you can see past his Ferrari fiancée:

Jairo Rodriguez shows off his car and his fiancee Izabella Tovar

So what’s in store for Izabella and Jairo in the future? For starters the couple is engaged, although Izabella says on her Formspring account that she doesn’t plan on marrying until she gets out of college, which can be a pretty long time off when you’re just 16! Speaking of college, Izabella has finished up her sophomore year and plans to continue her college prep studies as a junior at Juan Diego Catholic High School in the fall. She hopes to become a psychiatrist and seems to have a clear understanding of the amount of work and time it will take to achieve that goal.

Izabella seems like a really smart and practical girl with the maturity and drive to be a really great mother. Plus, she seems to have a healthy relationship with Jairo, who appears willing to step up and accept the responsibilities associated with being a father. Also, in addition to her school wanting to help Izabella, she is also getting a lot of support from her parents at home, so I think there are lots of reasons to be optimistic that little Enrique will have a stable and happy home!

16 and Pregnant's Izabella Tovar, her son Enrique and the baby's dad Jairo Rodriguez

Some additional info that I wasn’t able to work into the article for whatever reason:

• Izabella is still breastfeeding after eight months, a real rarity for 16 and Pregnant.

• Izabella received a BMW 318ti for her birthday – another rarity for 16 and Pregnant!

• Jairo and Izabella’s dad talk to Enrique often in Spanish so he will more than likely be bilingual. (Izabella doesn’t speak Spanish fluently, but she understands it.)

• She had never seen or heard of the show, but found the MTV website when search for 16 & Pregnant support groups.

• Izabella says that MTV makes Jairo “look much worse than he really is. You shouldn’t always believe everything you see on TV.”

• Izabella says a lot of her friends don’t talk to her anymore, but in stark contrast, she had a number of people she didn’t even know show up at her baby shower because they heard MTV would be filming it!

You can keep up with Izabella, Jairo and little Enrique through these links:

Izabella Tovar official Facebook fan page –

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And if you want to help Enrique get a $50 gift certificate from Target, go vote for Jairo and Izabella in this cutest couple contest! Here’s their photo entry – all you have to do is click “Like” to vote!

16 and Pregnant's Izabella Tovar and her fiance Jairo Rodriguez in a cutest couple contest
  • oh please

    Not being rude, but Why would we want to help Enrique win a $50 gift card to Target look at where they live at, nice houses,parents both have extremly nice cars! not only that, getting payed to be on the show. So no! not supporting it.

  • Molly

    That is so amazing that she’s still breastfeeding! I am so proud that finally one of the 16+P moms is doing that. Good job Momma! Keep it up! 🙂

  • BS

    I don’t believe the fact shes never watched or heard of 16 & pregnant or Teen Mom before. WHAT FEMALE HASNT EVER WATCHED ANY OR PART OF THE SHOW AND THEN RANDOMLY LOGS ONTO MTV.COM ONCE SHE BECAME PREGANT? LOL! B u l l s h i t
    If she logged on there it was for a REASON. It’s obvious she watches reality shows since she logged on there and not only that, when u watch any kind of reality show that she watches i know shes seen previews! and if shes gone to MTV.COM before i know shes seen 16 and Pregnant or Teen Mom on there. Also, all those magazines with all the Teen Mom girls she had no clue who they were on the covers when she looked at them in the grocery store or something? Oh this girl just made herself look like a fool already.

    • Sabrina

      Ok, first, it clearly says she came across the website while searching for teen pregnancy support groups. And second, strict Catholic parents probably don’t allow her to watch Mtv. Third, I guarantee in most areas of Utah, you don’t find those magazines in most stores.

      • Shelby

        Haha I actually live in Utah. I can assure you we are not in a third world country or under a rock. We definitley are able to read the same magazines in our stores as anyone else. Too funny!

      • fernanda

        I live in Utah, and we have tabloid magazines EVERYWHERE. I have always watched 16 & pregnant & teen mom.. utah is not a different country haha just another state, we have everything here. teen mom on a lot of magazines at the check out counter.. i find it hard to believe she had never heard of teen mom or 16 & pregnant.. but maybe she’s not into TV or magazines?

      • cute babby!!!!!! looks like its dad i thought the dad gets its hair cut every 5 days izabella your hir looks pretty i wish i was ur daughter iam ten my birthday is august 29 2000 yalllllll look like realyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice parents

  • megyn

    Agrees with every post!!

    1. She is obvioulsy well off. Look at those houses in the background and those cars, I doubt she would even shop somewhere as “cheap” as target.

    2. It is good that she is breastfeeding, I’ll give her that

    3. EVERYONE!!! knows about 16 and Pregnant, adults, kids, and people of all walks of life. So to say she “never heard of the show is complete BS”

    • umm

      lol okay only a 1-3 million people watch 16 & P each week. there’s over 300 million in america. there are an ass-ton of people who dont know or care abuot 16 & P. i know many people of all ages who dont know what it is.
      just because everyone in your circle of friends and family knows, doesn’t mean the rest of the world does

      • Bianca

        There are many popular shows that I haven’t watch but still know about because they’re part of the popular culture and have been talked about online, in magazines, and in the news. 16 and pregnant and Teen Mom have been widely reported on due to its controversial nature about whether it glamorizes teenage pregnancy so she would have to be living under a rock to not have at least heard about it.

  • Michelle

    I have yet to see this episode but if they didnt know she was pregnant what did she tell them about the cameras following her around?

    • Anon

      MtV didn’t document her pregnancy until she was like 34 weeks. While other girls shown have been as early as like 20 or so weeks, hers wasn’t. It picked up late in the pregnancy.

  • Christine

    She lives in a middle class area of Draper. The tri-level home she lived in sold for the 150’s-160’s. The homes behind her on the draper hill sell for 500k+. Obviously the family has money though if she got a BMW, but so impractical for the snow in the winter. Her boyfriend lived in a much less desirable area. I thought about sending my kids to Juan Diego but even though it was a private school (I went to catholic school in new england) , it had so many more social problems then the regular public school.

    I was happy to see her family’s support but was hoping that she would have a more motivated boyfriend to take advantage of the 4 years of help. I assume the mom gets money for watching her grandson since she has an at home daycare $600 a month so it probably pays for them living there and the daughter doesnt have to worry about a stranger taking care of her kid.

    Also I can believe she did not know what 16 and pregnant was. I live in a nice neighborhood in suburban Utah and I am the only one on my cul-de-sac with cable. My neighbors are doctors, lawyers etc and cable is just not something people value. In fact when BYU went to the final 16 in basketball, my neighbor a doctor was listening to it on a radio because it was on cable.

  • Lo

    Why would we want to help her get a Target gift card? She drives a BMW, let somebody who needs it with the gift card.

  • Lo


  • Yermom

    She’s dumb not to tell anyone about her pregnancy!!! What if the baby or her needed medical attention? What was she gonna do, give birth in the bathroom and hand it to her parents like whoops had a baby??

    • Anon

      Ummmm her parents KNEW about the pregnancy all along. It was in part their decision not to tell anyone during the school year because they didnt want her to have to deal with the “drama” Then it just snowballed from there to a couple weeks before school and no one knowing.

  • Brittany

    This girl is beautiful! Her little man is gorgeous too, what a cutie! I watched the episode last night and I commend her for being so mature. I was shocked to see how incredibly calm and smart she is, and an excellent mother. Good for her and baby Enrique. (Love the name Jairo too!)

  • Devon

    Hi there… Check out my commentary of Izabella’s episode here: Thanks!

  • poop master

    Wow and reading her replies to people on her facebook page – she can actually spell!! Hallelujah! The first in teen mom history and yet she is the youngest. Watching her show too, she seems very mature and stable, I think she is going to be more than alright.

  • rainbowmix

    They seem like great parents BUT why do they think they need a fanpage on facebook??! This is getting a bit ridiculous now. Fair enough if they have a twitter as a place to answer questions, but a fanpage? You are not a celebrity, you are a MOM!

  • Okay was I the only one watching this episode?? It was so so boring. And hiding your pregnancy in not mature nor grown up. I hate that these girls get pregnant but never want to own up to the mistake they made, I mean it is possible to NOT get pregnant in High School. I mean I did it and so did my friends and not b.c we were on bc but because we had respect for ourselves and our futures. Furthermore it disgusted me to see this girls parents be so nonchalant about their daughters pregnancy and just let her going on living like a teen and not a mom, which she now is. It seems as this show goes on the girls get more and more braty.

  • Alice

    she’s stunning, but her boyfriend looks like wanda sykes. lol

    • k beezy


  • Amanda

    Does anyone else think that “she looks just like Ashley” from degrassi?

  • Al

    I’m a parent of a JD teen. I disagree that this school has more social problems than public schools. Their problem is not being realistic and failing to promote birth control. Mormon girls from the public schools just get married at 17 and go on to have 12 children before 30. There are several issues here. Regardless of your stance on abortion, a baby at sixteen essentially destroys your future and the baby’s future as well. Allowing this girl to return to school without any consequences sends the wrong message to the rest. She has the right to finish school, on her own. I can’t help but think that there is a cry for notoriety here as a root for many of these teen pregnancies, with these girls becoming “stars” and celebrities. And what do the parents do? A BMW as a present!! Are we surprised she’s pregnant at 15 ?

    • agree

      I agree with you. I actually graduated from JD. And i can tell you that we knew she was pregnant, you can hide anything among teens. Also my health teacher (who I believe certifiably crazy and no longer there) told us that the only birth control is not doing it or we’ll burn in hell. This is after the class had to ask her to teach us I mean who has the ten commandments as a HEALTH quiz!Their are problems across the board at JD but I did not regret going there. I was however surprised to learn that JD allowed them to film on campus. I believe it would be hard to punish her or make her go to another school because of this. The fact is I look at this as a reason safe sex should be TAUGHT and PRACTICED not just abstinence. Parents you want a fact over half of my freshman class had sex before high school and the freshman class my senior year was worse than us.This may be true for public school as well. We’re starting in middle school and we’re not all sweet little kids. Also not everyone at JD is rich my parents and I all worked jobs so I could go there, and I drove a beater car everyday to get there.

  • izabella

    hey you guys should leave izabella alone i dint hear about 16&pregnant til the 4th season came out so just leave her alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oiram

    To the entire family:

    May God continue to grant you patience and strength. Good Luck!!

    Mother of a Teen Dad in Dallas.

  • bob joes

    she can do much better than that. her bf is a 100% hood rat

  • angel

    what kind of car does your boyfreind drive?

  • Jalja

    Izabella is gorgeous and can do better than Jairo…
    She seems like a good mom and one of the only girls who was smart enough to use birth control properly (on LaL she told Dr. Drew the condom broke and she got the morning after pill but alas, baby Enrique was conceived at that very moment because she was ovulating).

  • Ally-Anna

    Izabella is gorgeous… is it just me or does Jairo look like a 9-year-old boy? lol

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