Kim Kardashian got a $2 million diamond ring (She’s also engaged to Kris Humphries)

Kim Kardashian is engaged to baller Kris Humphries

When Kim Kardashian strolled into her Beverly Hills home on May 18th she didn’t know she was in for the surprise of a lifetime: She was getting a 20.5 carat diamond ring!

NBA tall-baller Kris Humphries was waiting in her bedroom (smart boyfriend) on one knee and had the question, “Will you marry me?” spelled out in rose pedals on the bed.  That’s pretty good execution by the small forward of the New Jersey Nets.  Kim said, “Yes.”

The reality TV mega-star was completely surprised according to an upcoming exclusive interview with People.  Along with the roses Kris brought some serious bling to the table as well.  He presented to his love a 20.5 karat Lorraine Schwartz custom designed diamond ring that retails for a coll $2 million. Kris had help from Kim’s mom Kris in planning an intimate party later that evening.

The two have been dating for 6 months, there is no word yet on a wedding date but this week’s edition of People will have exclusive photos from the engagement party. If you want a peak at the ring, here’s the exclusive People cover:

This isn’t the first time Kim K. will walk down the aisle, she was previously wed to music producer Damon Thomas. She shocked her family by secretly marrying him, and  he later bashed her in the tabloids. One thing’s for sure, there’s nothing secret about her future second wedding.


Kim stepped out June 2, 2011, and made sure to flash her massive ring:

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  • Piper

    Lmao!!!!!!! Can you imagine the dinner conversation at his parents house
    When they were told our son is marrying a , sloppy porn star !!!
    And then drove full speed to the church to ask for forgiveness ……
    Kris Jenner has her pimp hand already crunching the $$$$$$$$’

  • Vanessa

    Kim,khloe and the older one ever do anything private without selling stories to the magazine people. They are all media whores

  • Jenn

    I don’t think they will last more than a year. They’ve been dating 6 months! Me and my boyfriend have been together longer than that and are no where near ready to get married. Guess money means it’s okay to marry someone you don’t know?

    Oh and have fun with a nasty skank. That’s really a lady you should take home to mom. One who doesn’t seen anything wrong with people knowing everything about her and showing her body off for money. Gross, sad that little girls look up to this. NOT a lady to be looking up to.

  • Carolina

    This woman is OBSESSED with getting married. It’ll never last.

  • dayday

    Kim just want to be married so she had to accept the proposal from the first and only guy who asked. All of the other guys just laid up with her and had no intentions on marrying her. She’s pretty but her reputation just seems to follow her and make her not the one to take home to meet mom or wife up. The tape she made with Ray J was so boring and whack because she’s a bore in bed, maybe that’s why no one wants to marry her is because they know they have that boredom in the bedroom to look forward to for the rest of their lives. Beauty doesn’t last for ever so you have to have more than that to keep a man interested these days.

    • applelite111

      are all of you guys jeally (jealous)? are you guys being jeallybeans? not a good look