Teen Mom Jenelle Evans continues her Facebook meltdown, breaks up with Kieffer again

Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp reportedly break up once again

Jenelle Evans shocked the Teen Mom universe this weekend when she announced via Facebook that she was back together with hobo ex Kieffer Delp – all while she was in rehab! Since that time things have only gotten crazier as Jenelle announced tonight – in one of her patented profanity-laden tirades – that she and Kieffer are through. Again.

I would normally preface comments like these with all sorts of set-up commentary, but I think I’m just going to stand to the side and let Jenelle do the talking. So, here are her last few posts from her Facebook page in order – the fiorst one is from about three hours ago:

why did yu f**king play me? why would yu do that? im so f**king upset. im bawling my eyes out. and all yu do is just sign offline?! just like that?! i need yu so bad right now and yu just push me away.

im DONE with him. PERIOD, END OF STORY. yu f**king played me. yu lied to me. and wtf did i do? nothing. i havent done NOTHING to deserve this. and i cant believe i was thinking about actually taking yu back? HAHAHAHAH, F**KKKK THATTTTTTT. i F**KING HATE YU.

And then, couple hours after that…

I NEVER HAD SEX , SMOKED WEED , GOT DRUNK , SNUCK OUT , OR SKIPPED CLASS ! Copy & Paste This As Your Status. Whoever Likes This Status Thinks Your Lying. hahahaha i wonder how many people will like this one.

I think most people will be befuddled by all this – especially when it is supposedly happening while Jenelle is in rehab seeking help with her emotional well-being. (She had to earn technology privileges in the first place – wouldn’t the fact that she was emotionally distraught and crying over an online break-up be a cue to a counselor to revoke those privileges for her own safety?)

But, I’m going to stick by my original theory that this is just Jenelle taking us for a ride. Either that or my new theory: she handed off the reigns of her Facebook fan page to a friend (or sister!) and told them to do whatever they wanted and have fun being her while she was in rehab.

If this really is Jenelle getting torn up after getting back together with Kieffer and then breaking up with him – all online while being across the country from each other – then all I can say is that I’m glad she is where she is. Either way – forget about ol Kieffer Jenelle and get on with getting better!

  • yup

    I thought she wasnt suppost to talk to anyone while she was in rehab???? She should of just turned her phone off and got away from everyone to get better!!

  • Funny

    She will get back with him tomorrow or next week. Nothing new. It looks like this rehab she is also in isnt quite working. She’s still acting the same way.

  • nunya

    I think she’s going through a lot and trying t seek comfort where ever it’s being given(keifer). And he’s a douche that won’t change. I think she’s very vulnerable right now, and that those tweets/updates were for real.

    I hope for her sake she really is messing with us… because if not, this is not going to end well(as far as her sobriety goes).

  • Anne

    Maybe she should focus her energy of being a productive (and I don’t mean the popping babies out productive)-contributing human being. Not a needy pathetic dead beat birth mother.

  • tab

    totally agree with anne. she needs mental help. i sincerely hope she gets the help that she needs.

    she forgot to add “remember? i beat the crap out of my friend for you?”

  • Stefani

    Jenelle is NEVER GOING TO CHANGE! What is she even in rehab for? She is still acting as disgusting as before. She is a lost cause and nothing will ever help that trashhhh. She clearly isn’t even trying to get away from everything and take it seriously.

  • jane

    Whether she playing people or not, she obviously got a whole lot of stupid going on. This girl isn’t 16 anymore which is something to keep in mind when reading her foolishness.

  • Flores

    Stop posting stories about these two losers the only reason shes breaking up and making up with that idiot is so everyone can keep her in the news she doesnt deserve publicity she needs to disappear everyone says shes trying f**k that no shes not shes one of those people who will never be anything than wut they r