Starcasm is now hiring writers!

Donald Trump You're Hired

Starcasm is currently looking for full- and part-time freelance writers to cover celebrity and pop culture news stories as well as non-time-sensitive informational posts of interest. Applicant should be able to come up with story ideas and write about them succinctly and with a positive or neutral tone. As this is a telecommuting position with flexible hours, self-motivation is a must. A degree in Journalism, English, or another field with a writing emphasis is preferred, but not required. Possessing some photo editing skills is a plus, as is a joyful appreciation of reality television programming and celebrity foibles.

Please note that we do not generally do recaps, reviews, or listicles — for this reason it is difficult to judge applicants who submit these types of articles as examples.

Our writers are initially paid on a per-page-view basis commensurate with experience.

To apply, email us at starcasmtips(at) with a cover letter explaining why you would like to write for us, examples of your writing (links preferred), and a list of interests. Please put “Freelance Job Application – Your Name” in the subject line.

Jobs for bloggers - Starcasm is hiring freelance writers for reality television, music, celebrities, fashion, viral videos, and everything else!

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  • Mickey

    I tried to email you, but I got a message back stating that your email was not recognized.

    • Starcasm Staff

      Strange, email is definitely coming through to that email address. You can also try starcasmnet (at) yahoo (dot) com!

    • starcasmnet

      Email is coming through that address. Try if the other address doesn’t work.

  • Jade Falcon

    Personally I think your a bunch of rotten smoke blowing scammers.

    • starcasmnet

      What are we trying to scam, exactly?

  • Me

    How dare they ask for background about qualifications and experience. Its always painfully obvious that none of the writers have that. I have no qualifications or experience as a writer. But, I can guarantee that I would not make the typos or grammatical errors that these crappy ‘writers’ make on a daily basis!!

    • starcasmnet

      Thanks for your critique, and thank you for reading us every day. : )

  • peterhayes

    I presume all revenue ends up in your pocket?

    • starcasmnet

      Why would you presume that? It doesn’t say we’re asking for volunteers,